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Timber Flooring Kooyong

High-quality Hardwood Timber Fencing Supplies with Premium Flooring Solutions in Armadale and Serve in Kooyong

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Timber Flooring Supplier Near Kooyong

When elevating your living spaces in Kooyong, look no further than Armalux Floors. Our exquisite timber flooring collection is crafted to cater to your unique style preferences, seamlessly blending elegance and practicality.

Explore Our Luxury Timber Flooring Selection:

European Oak Timber Flooring: Transform your space into a captivating sanctuary of timeless beauty and unparalleled elegance with our exquisite European Oak timber flooring option. Experience the warmth, sophistication, and durability that our European Oak timber flooring brings.

Australian Engineered Timber Flooring: With its impeccable blend of style, practicality, and affordability, our Australian-engineered timber flooring stands out as a superior choice for individuals seeking the utmost quality.

Herringbone Timber Flooring: Add aesthetic value to your interiors with the classic charm of herringbone patterns, known for their exceptional durability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and showcasing the natural allure, this flooring choice effortlessly complements any interior decor style.

Chevron Timber Flooring: Achieve aesthetic perfection easily using our Chevron Timber Flooring range, designed to complement various interior finishes. Elevate your surroundings with the unmatched splendour of our meticulously crafted flooring solution.

Solid Timber Flooring: Experience the timeless appeal and exceptional quality of solid timber flooring! With its natural warmth and durability, solid timber flooring is a fantastic investment for both residential and commercial properties.

Hybrid Flooring: Our hybrid flooring blends classic parquetry with modern design, making it ideal for areas with high humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you’re looking to create a cosy, rustic atmosphere or a sleek, modern aesthetic, solid timber flooring offers versatility and long-lasting beauty that will enhance any space.

Laminate Timber Flooring: Explore our range of colours, styles, and patterns for a hassle-free way to enjoy the timeless charm of timber. Elevate your space with the unmatched authenticity and durability of laminate timber flooring, a choice you won’t regret.

Carpet Flooring: Beyond timber, our extensive range includes carpet flooring and other options to cater to various preferences, available in various colours for home or office spaces.

Experience the Armalux difference near Kooyong. Contact us today to explore our exquisite timber flooring options and make a lasting impact on your living spaces.

Premium Collection Of Timber Flooring In Kooyong

Kooyong has the best of everything, the prestigious tennis club, parks, playgrounds for children, charming houses, and various restaurants offering delicious dishes across the globe. The green and clean suburb is also privileged with trains and trams, making it a preferred choice for living. Armalux Floors provides premium timber flooring solutions for commercial and residential properties across Kooyong. If you are buying a new home or commercial property or planning a renovation in Kooyong, we will take care of all your flooring needs.

Experience elegance and practicality with our wide range of timber flooring options, featuring the finest European Oak timber and high-quality Australian-engineered timber flooring. Whether you prefer the timeless sophistication of Herringbone and Chevron designs or the durability and charm of Solid timber flooring, we have innovative and versatile solutions to explore.

At Armalux Floors, we pride ourselves on sourcing timber from Europe’s most reputable suppliers, ensuring a commitment to quality that consistently surpasses expectations. We also strongly advocate for sustainability, primarily supplying Australian species manufactured in Australia.

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Original Natural Shades and Colours

Compliments any Building Design and Construction

Adds Life and Warmth to Any Room

Simple Maintenance and Upkeep

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Our dedicated customer support team is available for inquiries, advice, or assistance. Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we are devoted to ensuring your journey with Armalux Floors is exceptional.

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Crafting Lasting Experiences

Armalux Floors is more than a flooring provider; It embodies the essence of meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication. We have transformed homes, offices, retail stores, and other commercial spaces with our premium timber flooring solutions.

Take full advantage of our experts’ immense knowledge. From helping you choose between European Oak, Australian Engineered flooring, or hybrid timber flooring to creating lasting impressions with a combination of aesthetic perfection and functionality, our experts are available to you throughout the project.

As a family-operated company, we prioritise integrity and delivering exceptional customer service. With attention to detail, dedication, and punctuality, we create unforgettable experiences for each and every client.

Happy Customers
Here Are Some Testimonials From Our Happy Customers
Bevilyn Karen Esper
Bevilyn Karen Esper
Armalux Floors has delivered quality work. They are very responsive to queries and explain properly the options available. They worked to deliver on timely manner. I would highly recommend. Very professional and reliable. Thank you for the excellent work.
Carmel H
Carmel H
We were extremely impressed with the service provided by Armalux. Bardiya provided expert advice on the selection of timber for our floors, the lead time was very fast, and installation was done in 3 days, as agreed, despite the fact that the team had to deal with a very difficult removal of our old floors. The end result is excellent – the floors have transformed our home. We highly recommend Bardiya, Nik and the whole team at Armalux.
Adeline Lau
Adeline Lau
I highly recommend Armalux flooring. Their product and service quality was truly exceptional. Installation of the floor was overseen by the owners themselves. Great communication and truly they have customer satisfaction as their top priority. Very happy with the result.
Riba bagherpour
Riba bagherpour
I can’t say enough about my beautiful timber and carpet flooring by Armalux. I received 4 quotes for material and installation and Armalux gave us the best deal. I was surprised that the owner of the company was on top of everything plus during the installation of my floors he was present and supervising.I recommended Armalux to my friends and they all had a very good experience. Happy customer Riba
We’re thrilled with the recent job completed by Armalux. From start to finish, their team displayed remarkable professionalism and attention to detail. The project was efficiently executed, and the end result exceeded our expectations. Special thanks to Bardiya for their outstanding coordination. Highly recommended for their top-notch service!
hossein rabieian
hossein rabieian
Commercial vinyl Fair price and perfect quality and quick installation 🙏🙏
What do you want from professional team working on your house? A fair price, good communication, friendly and respectful workers, and a job finished to a high standard and on time. These guys ticked all the boxes, highly recommend them
Ryan Madani
Ryan Madani
I recently had the pleasure of working with Armalux Flooring for my home renovation project, and I must say, they exceeded all my expectations. From start to finish, the experience was exceptional, earning them a well-deserved 5-star rating. First and foremost, the quality of their flooring products is unmatched. The range of options available allowed me to find the perfect flooring solution to suit my style and preferences. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in their installation process were remarkable. The end result is a stunning and flawless floor that has transformed the look and feel of my home. What truly sets Armalux Flooring apart is their exceptional customer service. The team was professional, knowledgeable, and attentive throughout the entire process. They took the time to understand my needs and provided expert guidance and recommendations, ensuring that I made the best choices for my project. Their prompt communication and transparency made the entire experience stress-free and enjoyable. Furthermore, their commitment to meeting deadlines was impressive. The installation was completed within the agreed-upon timeframe, and their skilled team worked efficiently while maintaining a high standard of workmanship. I would also like to highlight the after-sales support provided by Armalux Flooring. They promptly addressed any concerns I had and ensured that I was completely satisfied with the final outcome. Their dedication to customer satisfaction truly shines through. In conclusion, I highly recommend Armalux Flooring to anyone in need of top-quality flooring solutions. Their exceptional products, outstanding customer service, and commitment to excellence make them a true leader in the industry. Thank you, Armalux Flooring, for enhancing my home with your superior flooring and outstanding service.
Best flooring place I’ve ever been too!!
Fariba Karimkhani
Fariba Karimkhani
The Armalux Floors team provided me with excellent professional service and guidance in selecting the perfect flooring for my home. Their punctuality and attention to detail were greatly appreciated throughout the entire process. Thanks to their expertise, I am now enjoying a beautiful and durable floor that perfectly complements my home’s aesthetic. I highly recommend Armalux Floors for anyone in need of high-quality flooring and exceptional customer service.


At Armalux Floors, we provide a wide range of premium timber flooring options that are carefully crafted to cater to your unique style preferences. Our collection features the finest European Oak timber, high-quality Australian-engineered timber flooring, and more. Customers can choose from various options, including herringbone, chevron, solid, hybrid, laminate, and carpet hardwood flooring.

We pride ourselves on sourcing timber from Europe's most reputable suppliers, ensuring a commitment to quality that consistently surpasses expectations. We also strongly advocate for sustainability, primarily supplying Australian species manufactured in Australia.

Our experienced team of professionals at Armalux Floors will ensure the installation process is hassle-free and straightforward, working with you to set deadlines and provide transparent pricing. Our team will start by assessing your flooring needs and determining the best type of timber flooring for your property.

At Armalux Floors, we aim to provide a complete solution to all your flooring needs, including maintenance and support services. We offer expert advice on how to maintain your timber flooring, outlining the process of care and the tools required to keep your floors looking their best.

Our team of experts at Armalux Floors will assist you in determining which type of timber flooring is best suited for your property in Kooyong. We will assess the degree of foot traffic, humidity, and exposure to sunlight in your space to provide you with the ideal timber flooring solution. Our team will also consider your personal style preferences, budget, and practical requirements before suggesting the best options available.

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