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Pravacy and policy

Terms And Condition

Amendments to terms and conditions

ARMALUX FLOORS reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Any amendments shall be effective immediately upon notification on the Site. Your continued use of the Site following such notification or purchase of products thereafter will represent agreement by you to be bound by the terms and conditions as amended.

Payment Terms:

A 70% deposit is required on order, with the remaining 30% handover payment strictly after working days of installation. No material can be ordered or installation dates confirmed until the deposit is paid. Deposits are not refunded on goods that have been ordered and delivered to our warehouse. We accept payment by credit card. If we are unable to successfully process payment for your order, we may reject or cancel your order.


Where quotations are raised from plans or drawings, we reserve the right to a site measure and inspect to determine if any variations are required. The client will be advised of the required variations and any associated costs involved and must accept those costs before work can proceed. The quotation becomes the contract once a deposit is received.


Freight and delivery charges will be notified to you at checkout, if applicable. These charges may depend on your location, size, weight, and quantity of product(s) ordered. Orders for multiple products may be split across multiple deliveries depending on where it is being shipped from. Charges apply to have your flooring delivered. Unless organized at the time of purchase, we do not deliver upstairs and will carry the goods no further than 10 meters on an even and flat surface. If we arrive and the access differs from what was advised, an additional fee payable immediately will apply. If you refuse to pay the additional fee, we reserve the right to return your flooring to our warehouse, where re-delivery will require the delivery fee to be paid again on top of the additional fee.

Quality Control And Guarantees:

ARMALUX FLOORS guarantees compliance with Australian Standards and Industry Best Practice. All timber is supplied with a moisture content certificate that also includes important information about what to expect from your timber floor and how to care for it. This information is attached to the timber packs being delivered. We guarantee the installation, sanding, and finishing for a year from the finishing date. This guarantee is only upheld if all Terms & Conditions have been adhered to.

Missing, Damaged, or Defective Products:

It is your responsibility to ensure that the product you have ordered is correct and in reasonable condition prior to signing for delivery. If the product or any packaging appears damaged on delivery, you should refuse to accept the delivery and contact us at 1300113700.

Preparation Guidelines For The Builder/homeowner:

All quotations assume the concrete slab being level, which includes all plaster/concrete etc. being removed from the slab. If we are unable to make it to the site prior to an arranged start date or if we are advised prior that all is alright to proceed, and this is not true, then the following will happen: We reserve the right to proceed and concrete grind the slab to make it right before the moisture barrier is installed. All costs involved will be passed onto the builder/client to compensate. Please take this as notice for preparation. When we arrive to start the moisture barrier, if the above isn’t done, then we will proceed with diamond grinding, so we don’t lose a day’s work. Driveway access is to be completed before the delivery is done. If this is not the case, there may be additional charges for the delivery. The building should be constructed to at least lock-up stage, sealed with the roof on and all doors and windows in place. All wet trades (such as rendering, plastering, concreting, or tiling) should be finished a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the delivery of flooring. Power and lights to the inside of the home must be available for work to commence, not from a power box. Once the installation work has commenced, access to all other non-timber flooring trades must be kept to a minimum. Once installed, depending on the time of year, the floor must be left a minimum of 2 weeks before the sanding process can start. You may walk on the floor within this time, but you must be careful not to spill or use any chemicals near or on the floor, as this may cause rejection of the coating. This 2-week period is for the timber to acclimatize to the “in service” conditions of the house. Climate controllers may be used to help with the “in service” conditions. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure the floor is kept clean and aired out during this period. If the windows and doors are kept closed, this will cause a ‘greenhouse’ effect, causing the floor to adjust to these conditions. We cannot be held responsible if this happens. Once the sanding and finishing stage commences, no other trades or owners are to be allowed on-site until you have approval from the sander. We advise that the carpets and final coat of paint are left until both the installation and sanding have been finished, as damage like scuffing or chips to your walls cannot be helped in some cases. We will, of course, try our best for this not to happen but will not be held responsible if it does. We do not advise that you have any skirting boards fitted prior to sanding, as this becomes an issue where they might get damaged. All waste and rubbish will be left in a bin or neatly on-site for the owner to remove. Nothing is dust-free. If the floor is a laminate or engineered, door frame cuts may happen, therefore this will cause dust. The same goes for a solid floor. Dust-free sanding is not possible, although most of the dust will be collected within the vacuum’s machine.

Armalux Floors Purchasing Terms & Conditions Regarding Installation Instructions And Warranties:

  • Bamboo and timber are natural products. Colour, texture, and shade may vary from the samples shown. It is normal for these products to exhibit minor surface cracking.
  • Timber is a natural product. No two pieces are the same. The product may have gum veins and knots different from the samples shown.
  • All flooring is likely to lighten (from wear and exposure to sunlight) or darken (natural ageing) over time.
  • Do not expose your flooring to direct sunlight or excessive moisture. Wipe up spills IMMEDIATELY and clean with a damp (not wet) mop only.
  • Slab heating and evaporative air conditioning may adversely affect your flooring. Warranty may be void if the flooring is installed under these conditions.
  • Please follow all manufacturer’s installation instructions. If the instructions are not followed, you may void your warranty. THIS INCLUDES DIRECT STICK – if you choose to direct stick your flooring, you may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • If you are installing flooring in any dwelling that is part of a body corporate, it is YOUR responsibility to check any regulations they may have regarding flooring and/or acoustic underlay.
  • Any measurements we give you based on house plans are ESTIMATES ONLY. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure your site is measured by your chosen installer and that you order sufficient flooring, underlay, scotia, trims, consumables, and anything else you may need.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer full-price returns. Any UNOPENED boxes in good condition can be returned to our warehouse for a HALF-PRICE refund.
  • Our flooring materials are guaranteed to comply with Australian Standards and Industry Best Practice.
  • Pull-up and disposal of existing floor coverings is not included unless specifically mentioned in this quote.
  • Moving of furniture is not included unless specifically mentioned in this quote.
  • Dye variations of goods from samples cannot be guaranteed. Any great variation will be taken up with the manufacturer, but payment of the contract by the customer cannot be withheld.
  • 24 months warranty of laying.
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